United States and the double 11 shopping Carnival welfare report in advance shishangqiyi

United States and the double 11 shopping Carnival welfare report in advance – Sohu maternal and child eleven has not yet arrived, I believe you have long been staring at their favorite baby, ready to buy on the day of the purchase of double the purchase of the purchase of eleven!!! Especially the mothers to take advantage of this once a year’s price, pay close attention to the baby store. However, the annual double eleven, the total number of restrictions on the purchase, the spike of goods can not be in the bag, blue thin, letinous edodes ~… It does not matter, Beijing women and children hospital and beauty double eleven shopping Carnival in advance to welfare office again! Double eleven headlines and packages to double the gift presented in the November 1st -11 day, and the United States and part of the package deposit doubled gift! That is, the delivery of the specified amount of deposit, you can enjoy the amount of double the deposit for the purchase package. Special note: 1, the deposit can be purchased in the specified package between November 1st -11 month 30 days, if not used, can be in the next month 15 days after the refund; 2, the discount and other preferential share this month; 3, double amount is not available as a membership card upgrade, such as problems of refund to buy packages after the delivery of the deposit in accordance with the actual amount of refund. 4, the amount involved is on the line, can not be added. This month, 1 other welfare hundred expert group to help you check the safety care of pregnant mother, and the hundred expert group portrait gift: 2 elderly, pregnant mother child special welfare plan to have a second child pregnant mother, elder pregnant mother majority, aged 35 years old this month (with ID) of the pregnant mother child welfare here, all of the above conditions and the purchase and delivery or delivery check + package customers can obtain the value of 6600 yuan and the "old child pregnant mother" special care service: 3, prepare pregnant eugenic ceremony want smart healthy baby should be grabbed from pregnancy, pregnancy check can not be ignored! Beijing and the United States in order to improve the majority of expectant mothers, expectant mothers on pregnancy examination of the importance of this month to provide the following special services. This month, pregnancy preparation for all new customers to the hospital to receive: in addition, those who prepare pregnant women, but also to the hospital to receive a free hand a mother kangaroo! Where customers prepare pregnant in our hospital, to purchase a full set of production and delivery for 50 thousand + and 50 thousand yuan membership card members, in addition to the above benefits, can also be obtained: want the baby to start from the source of healthy pregnancy preparation, scientific preparation of pregnancy, to high-quality family baby. This month to meet the above conditions of purchase, will receive a total value of 8947 yuan of the birth of the basic package management plan (including the expectant mother and father both sides); note: if you have done a pre pregnancy check, you can receive a value of 3000 yuan vouchers for the purchase delivery package, both can only choose one of two. (our hospital expert Xu Yimin, prepotency Shandan, Lu Cheng, Liu Zhengrong, Lin Zhonghui, Luo Tianxia) 4, early this month special guard ceremony of new customers, usually early pregnant, to the hospital to receive: early pregnant mothers are not obvious, but do not enjoy special care in public places, the most important thing is some potential danger threatened the baby’s safety, such as riding the bus to the subway is crowded, take the stairs.相关的主题文章: