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Business There has never been anything like the internet in terms of what it offers and the opportunities you can gain from it. Wel.e to the expanding age of e-.merce. The market continues to expand and shows no signs of slowing down either. It is estimated that in excess of five billion dollars changes hands each year via the net. There are so many ways that you too can have a slice of the cake, but nothing is guaranteed so beware.You need a good promotion strategy and one way of doing this for next to no money is article marketing. What is article marketing? As the name implies, it is a form of informational marketing that uses short articles to promote a product or service. While simple in concept, article marketing can be enormously helpful in promoting a .mercial venture. Here are seven of the most .mon advantages of article marketing: 1. Article marketing is relatively inexpensive. The costs of hiring a writer are far less than it would cost to place a banner advertisement on a website. A professional writer can easily produce a short (500 word) article for under $20. Additionally, the writer can be far more .pelling than a stoic banner ad could ever be. 2. Article marketing can help provide credibility towards a product or service. If you read an article on the subject of weight loss that was unique, informative, and thought provoking, would you be more or less inclined to purchase a product promoted in the body of the article. Of course, you would be more likely to purchase. This is because the expertise presented in the article lent a great deal of credibility to the product. 3. You have no control over the number of people who will see your article marketing efforts. It can simply mushroom and go viral. To get your new article to the internet and be seen is quite simple and again free in most cases. You simply register with an article directory and submit your article for distribution. Actually, there are hundreds of article directories on the internet and submitting multiple articles to these various directories opens the doors to untold scores of readers. 4. The articles are forever. Some article directories will inevitably close from time to time, but your articles will still live on. You see, the directory simply "gives birth" to the article and gets it out into the public domain. That means your published articles will remain indexed in the search engines. So, the article you wrote years ago can still draw in potential customers today. 5. Articles can also be used in email marketing campaigns as well. Yes, it is true that most articles are submitted to article directories, but the flexibility of article marketing is quite vast. Often, articles can be used quite effectively in email campaigns. Most people despise spam emails due to their curt nature. Emails that utilize article marketing are more wel.e because of their information and entertainment value. 6. Article marketing can also aid in search engine optimization. Adding links to the body of an article that is published on the web will yield "votes" for the website the links point towards. This will increase the site’s ranking in the search engines. 7. Article marketing can easily cross over with website content. If a website lacks relevant content then the search engines will ignore it. Also, a "barren" website does very little for stimulating visitor interest in a product. Adding quality, promotional articles to a website can perform the "double duty" of marketing the site and adding keyword rich content. Consider this two-for-one approach another way article marketing is cost effective. Naturally, there are more than seven benefits to article marketing but these are a good selection. Anyone who is operating a .mercial venture on the internet should make article marketing a prime .ponent of their advertising strategy. The reason for this is that it is among the most effective promotional strategies ever devised. Create a Free Blog Sites at Phreeblog.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: