Wang did not change the report a lot of people want to eat me has resigned – financial Sohu freyja

" " did not change; Wang Wangwang eat; report: many people called me – Sohu has resigned to the financial side of Mr. Xie "laugh at the record recently Mr. Xie Nanning was in trouble, he to the local food and drug administration departments to report " eat Wangwang snow cake luck has not changed, that the other side Wang " " false propaganda, but " report to this letter but inexplicably leaked to the Internet, together with the leak and his letter report left in the personal information and contact information. After some people send text messages to thank Mr. Xie, a lot of people around him also know that he wrote this letter, his life was ridiculed and mocked. The subject of privacy protection is how to report the contents leaked onto the Internet, there is no investigation results, but Mr. Xie’s life is so changed, he said has resigned, afraid of the people in accordance with the letter report the above address to find his home. Report " eat Wangwang snow cake did not change Wang " letter report has appeared online in September 11th this year, Mr. Xie arrived at the Southern District of Nanning city of Beijing Hualian Supermarket to buy daily necessities. Because see the supermarket sales Wangwang snow cake packaging bag positive position marked " with larger size; Wang " will want to eat Oh luck every day; the advertisement, they bought a big bag home. In September 19th, Mr. Xie wrote a letter of complaint letter to report real name, and three copies were sent to the Nanning City Jiangnan District food and drug administration, Yulin City Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Yulin Municipal Food and drug administration. Letter report, report of the object is Beijing Hualian Nanning Jiangnan shop and Yulin Guangxi Wangwang Food Co. ltd.. Reasons for the report wrote, " buy home after eating for more than a few days, luck has not changed, better ". The evening of September 21st, Mr. Xie took out his mobile phone, he sent to the Nanning City Jiangnan District food and Drug Administration complaint letter is the photo spread to the Internet, the identity information of letters inscribed at his name and telephone all leaked. The day after Mr. Xie became a nightmare, one after another on the mobile phone receive harassing messages, mostly laughed at him. The time of receipt is not a food and Drug Administration said they are not leaked in September 27th, Mr. Xie received to Jiangnan District food and Drug Administration "shall not accept consumer complaints this book". Mail number through inquiry, Mr. Xie found, Jiangnan District food and Drug Administration in September 20th 11 at the time of receipt, then report to this letter has not yet appeared on the internet. Mr. Xie is different from the query information sign, Jiangnan District food and drug administration legal unit staff told the media that they are received in September 23rd this letter of complaint letter, after in September 26th to give a reply. The staff member told the media that they had conducted an investigation into the leak inside the ", but there was no evidence that the " was leaked from us;. This staff member said to the media, ", in accordance with the implementation of the March this year, the food and drug complaint reporting tube.相关的主题文章: