Wang Ou Yan beauty will be dressed in mixed fashion circle properly! 9c8947

Wang Ou Yan beauty will be dressed in mixed fashion circle properly! Because "Nirvana in Fire" and "the pretender" and Wang Ou in the limelight recently because of suspected involvement of Yang Mi Hawick Lau’s marriage and often boarded the hot search list. Evaluation of the people around is mixed, the others heard version than the Wang Ou and a sister Liao (Hu Ge, Jin Dong, veteran Wang Kai) a play can see in Hawick Lau?"…… And the first thing to step aside, Wang Ou’s acting is worthy of recognition, the two operas were so she won the Anhui TV National Opera Festival Best Supporting Actress nomination and tripod Award Best Supporting actress. Two drama, played by Wang Ou is quite deep shrewdness "woman", but in her dress is also full. From Wang Ou street and red carpet appearances, Wang Ou is definitely regarded as a fashionable flower. All of the most popular elements you can find from her style, such as men and women with a Gucci stamp denim jacket, a fire throughout the summer wind is sweeping the sling pajamas and now the fashion circle grandma glasses…… Wang Ou can be interpreted properly. Able to manage the style is also very variable, earlier to the "man" has been photographed underwear, but also sexy and pure. The red carpet wearing suits her sister also can wear skirt Liao Han, private dress is lively, full of sense of suspenders skirt girl. I was wearing what is beautiful to have a good body not unrelated, Wang Ou burst height 170, a pair of legs is to see people chunxindangyang. This set up "fashion Cosmo" red carpet dress can show her good figure. A pair of the most fashionable circle test leg type GZ Rome boots underfoot, halter collocation suits, back muscles beautifully proportioned…… There is no wonder how to wear such a beauty? Wang Ou himself is a pair of long legs, usually dress was not deliberately exposed, but love to wear Vintage pants, too long in the legs aren’t a pair of pants under high heels. Add attribute bellbottoms and high waist, invisible to his legs grew 10cm. The thin straight skirt she wears is be nothing difficult. Compared to the single Wang Ou’s trousers, dress style is very amazing. From the cute floral dress into a skirt of occupation, and full of personality suit, Wang Ou’s skirt shows very changeable. Have a good figure, of course, can not afford to let go of sexy wind, Wang Ou favorite sexy style than small dew shoulder. In her modeling we can see a lot of a shoulder or digging gown, collocation jeans fashion sense bursting, put on her favorite pants after moment and a lot of occupation. May be a lot of people can not guess, so closely follow the fashion of Wang Ou was born in 1982, counting up to 34 years old, so some of the professionalism of the shape and seems to fit well with Wang Ou, such as shirts. Although the simple white shirt, but Wang Ou has a lot of collocation style collocation, horn nine pants and skirt collocation, sweet, neutral retro bib collocation…… Is it urgent to start with a white shirt? The red carpet show Wang Ou can also bring many surprises. She is good at driving a long dress,.相关的主题文章: