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Warm up match Wu Xinghan broke up was put out the main Luneng 1-2 negative – Sohu sports lore text with map base is preparing for the Luneng Taishan team today ahead of a warm-up match, against Kwangju team FC. The game Majiate mainly arranged substitute players, Wu Xinghan scored a goal, unfortunately Luneng lost two goals in the second half, by heroics, failed to win. According to the agreement, the two teams will be September 3rd rematch, then two main will be fully played. In order to better maintain the player’s state of the game, Luneng and Kwangju FC contact for two warm-up matches, including the September 3rd warm-up match open to fans. In today’s warm-up match, Luneng sent the reserve team lineup. Liu Zhenli is the goalkeeper, defender Liu Yang and Tong Wang in the middle line, two young Zhang Chen and Cao Sheng as the fullback. Relaxation and partner midfielder Li Wei, Wu Xinghan, and Yang Xu, Huangpu as the source of the offensive line. After the start of the game Luneng scored the first goal, the goal is Wu Xinghan, halftime, Luneng 1 to 0 lead. Easy side battles, Kwangju FC to strengthen the offensive equaliser. Luneng side replaced Huangpu, Li Wei and Wu Xinghan, Huangpu, Yan Ziran and Xia Xicheng substitute debut. In the final stage of the game, Kwangju FC in order to win or even send foreign aid. In stoppage time, Kwangju Luneng scored lore, regret 1 than 2 lose. Although lost the game, but Luneng young people have been tempered. According to the agreement, in September 3rd 17, is tomorrow afternoon, the two sides will Luneng base rematch, then the two sides will send the main battle. From the existing staff, Wang Dalei will serve as the starting goalkeeper, defender, Li Songyi, Song Long and Usire line may play monkey feather, waist position with Dai Lin, Wang Yongpo, Monti, Liu Binbin slightly offensive line, King Road and Cisse, it is also a new lineup. Due to participate in World Cup players are to be back in September 7th, so the existing players, players can play 10 days into the starting rotation, and Yatai game. It should be noted that the Kwangju FC League in the South Korea temporarily ranked seventh in the K, the number of lost ball is less than third teams, their defense system is good. This warm-up match attack on Luneng’s end is a test, especially the combination of Cisse and Montillo is worth looking forward to. But the main purpose of the warm-up match is to allow players to maintain the state of the game, the outcome is not the key, it is important to allow players to adjust their state.相关的主题文章: