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After growing up, I take you to travel – we always dreamed of traveling Sohu, some experience and scenes, until one day in the reality of deja vu. For me, often dreamed of, with one family travel, is happy laughter. The sea breeze blowing, broad in dense with tenderness. Sometimes I think that life is like a fork in the road, said the butterfly effect is not clear, every choice in the future life. Childhood dream is to be a painter, painting a happy family, most of the painting is a family to travel together. From an early age, my parents like to take me to see the world; since childhood, dad likes to take pictures of me. After growing up, I never thought, just a few years ago I didn’t expect, now I’m actually pat stop, write, travel. Like, I love hiking through the mountains and rivers of the plateau, I love exploring the cultural and historical relics precipitation, I never thought, I love the way to travel will be more of this I had not bothered to even exclusive cruise. Remember when I was a child, always listen to Dad talking about those years counterattack against Vietnam in the past, mom always speaking to the battle of the The imprint is engraved on my heart.. Once I told myself that one day I will take my parents to go to Vietnam, not the flames of war in Vietnam, but a trip to vietnam. Just did not expect the opportunity to come so fast. More like in the small cloth I infant days, received a Royal Caribbean marine myth, invitation, and finally let me out of the other line offer, because this is the route to Vietnam, and I can bring my parents together. With this family, the sea breeze, is a small cloth fifth cruise. For a girl under the age of one, the experience is rich. My friend asked me, "why did I sit for so many times?" I think, if one day, they can accompany the family boarded the ship, on the side, watching their parents holding grandson or granddaughter, like a child’s laughter, everything is so worthy of the love, rejection will become. And there are oil paintings and auctions on the cruise, so that I was the heart of the pseudo art and restless. Beautiful paintings, abstract paintings. Well, I admit, I have been out of the painting circle for too long, and even forget to appreciate. It is a small cloth to everywhere cruise, climb this look, climb to the Chou Chou, never a dull moment. Of course, cruise, the most important performances, are located in the theater. The sea myth?! The performance of the theater is different every night, acrobatics, magic, Broadway Dance, brilliant. The first time with a small cloth Shanghai ocean myth, she will only climb all over the floor, worried that the light is not good for her. Dad, mom sat a few times to cruise, because small cloth and missed the show this time because the small cloth has begun pushing the car run everywhere, so in my strong request, with a small cloth, Dad, mom finally also enjoy the visual feast cruise theater. This time the flight performance, also more abundant than last time. Such an interaction is)相关的主题文章: