Why do you say this in pregnancy, blue thin – Sohu maternal and child yo te amo

Why do you want to say that during pregnancy, maternal hi – thin blue Sohu, My name is cloud, sent the nickname sharp. Yes, I was on, very sharp, but since I was pregnant, my sharp linear decline, even reduced to yourself can Tucao, I simply want to explode! At 26 weeks of pregnancy, prenatal on time, the baby is very healthy, but her mother is strange, not allowed to play mobile phone at home, not to look at the iPad, even to my mother a call will be limited. So I have to go to work every day, so far have been so enthusiastic about the work of her mother-in-law! However, I was too young, work eight hours a day, her mother-in-law’s serial killer call, um… Let me choke refers to calculate…… It is estimated that there are ten or twenty times, it is really necessary to manage, what to ask, such as: "today on the road and spit it?" "Where to go?" It’s been an hour, call you to keep your eyes on the computer." Yeah, I know she is good for me, but he who meow can stand one day 20 serial call plus N serial q? I want to have the name of madness…… When I hung up my mother-in-law’s twenty-first phone call, I knew I had to go to work. I didn’t go to work for twelve hours.?? I slowly packed the bag, suddenly the phone rang for a while, Oh God, will not be what her mother told me! I glanced at the table in the corner of the mobile phone, see above shows a bestie then WeChat, I immediately picked up the mobile phone to send her mother-in-law not chuckle. Open WeChat, high voice heard bestie: "you give me a small sharp run, don’t be late for the 7 point cloud hotel!" I suddenly thought of today’s junior high school classmate party! Graduated ten years old classmates whose see, think about the excitement! But I still live in the suppression of the force, is very gentle reply: bestie finished WeChat, I immediately sent a message to her, give her husband a call, ha ha of the mobile phone shutdown ~ to the hotel, into the room, a room full of people waiting for me the. I hurriedly said: "you feel shy ah, work a little late, so late." Then go to the bestie side, then suddenly popped up halfway a not very familiar female students (previously called honeysuckle seemingly?) Come on, get me to the pregnant belly, while also touching and saying: "this before the famous sharp sister, now has become a big belly ah, hey, you see this belly will move!" Hey, this is my temper, you are pregnant your baby in the stomach does not move ah? Every day is to eat and sleep and eat, even don’t turn ah? "Oh, you’re the one…… Two flowers? My baby’s response to this kind of person is huge! You touch over wood, the belly is now to sit down with a smile Oh ", I finished the sentence, she withdrew her hand to awkward mumbled:" I have not called the name honeysuckle……" I sit down and clear, but quietly gave me the thumbs up, ha ha ha, although the sharp decline, but at least there is not too sharp. "Rhinoceros!相关的主题文章: