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The world’s second Silicon Valley Israel can become high-tech combat national science and technology Sohu – Israel, land area is equivalent to only half of the Pearl River Delta, Beijing’s population of less than 13, small countries like a war, lack of resources, the total number of emerging enterprises listed on the Nasdaq, more than the sum of the sum over Europe, Japan and South Korea India, Chinese, four. (the Israeli flag appears on the big screen on the NASDAQ) where is Israel’s technological innovation cow? What makes this "hanging" country? This time, Silicon Valley spy had an exclusive interview with Israeli army elite Ilia Luk-Zilberman (Elias) department, by exploring his story. Elijah is now an Israeli company called Flexagrid founder and CEO. Flexagrid provides infrastructure for large scale computing. The company was founded in 2013. Before this, Elijah has successfully created and sold his first company. (Elias) first to see Elijah students circle of friends beginning military service at the age of 18 elias. The spy was to say that, in the Israeli army, the army is not simple. The strength of Israel’s scientific and technological innovation, closely related to the military’s high-tech cultivation of youth. The spy before visited several high-tech companies, founder from the Israeli military elite army most cattle breeding project. In this training project, Elijah met a lot of "hanging" buddy, and each other to become the best of friends. Small partner A is the founder of PrimeSense. PrimeSense you may not know, but apple and Magic Leap you must know. 2013, apple to $360 million acquisition of 3D perception technology company PrimeSense. (PrimeSense’s 3D Aware Technology) where is PrimeSense sacred? The company’s technology can realize the computer’s perception of human action, so that people no longer need to use the controller, but the use of gestures and body movements to operate the computer, or control the role of the game. Microsoft’s famous first generation Kinect is also based on PrimeSense technology. (PrimeSense chips and Microsoft Kinect devices) this created a small partner in PrimeSense, Leap has naturally been dug Magic, now led the Israeli team Magic Leap. See guy with B. Well, friends B recently with Tesla CEO Elon Musk · to put a homemade spacecraft into space. This expert deeds from Google lunar X (Google XPRIZE) contest. The contest started in 2007, Google issued an invitation to the global technology expert, who can see the first private R & D and manufacturing of spacecraft on.相关的主题文章: