Win10 version of the call of duty 13 players to refund no one online xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

The Win10 version of "call of duty 13" game player to refund: no one online Activision shooting as "call of duty 13: Infinite War" last week officially for PC and the host platform offering, excellent quality and competitive space battle let the game player addicted. However, the PC version is a bit special. Prior to this, Activision has confirmed that the Windows Store market, the call of duty 13 and Steam version can not be multiplayer online, so the player must consider the choice of the platform when buying. Now, it seems that most of the players have given their own answers – Steam! Media reports, after learning the Win10 version and the Steam version to online news, many game player began to choose to give up the Win10 platform, which has led to the number of purchase game player Win10 version of "call of duty 13" game is more scarce, not what people online online. The more Win10 version of "call of duty 13" heritage Edition (including the "call of Duty 4" HD Remake), online game player Sun screenshot said his search for a long time in the game, only two results on the Win10 server, so that the game had turned into a pure single game. So, the player to Microsoft refund.相关的主题文章: