With a bottle of eight mistakes – Sohu maternal and child yuanmu

After eight errors – bottle Sohu maternal baby was born, will slowly began to come into contact with bottles and pacifiers, treasure the mother rush to choose several good bottle to the baby, but you really can use? Bottles and pacifiers but the baby’s intimate buddy! Therefore, the selection and use of the bottle is really important! 1 see material: plastic bottles and glass bottles PK for newborn glass bottles, at home or in the hospital by adult feeding is the best, so the baby grow up enough to take a bottle, you can choose 2 plastic bottles to the bottle bottle see quality: good transparency, can clearly see the milk and the capacity of the state the bottle is best not too fancy. You want a good bottle of high hardness, treasure the mother hand pinch you can feel it, and a high temperature material will be too soft deformation. 3 see bottle capacity: the concrete analysis of concrete problems. With the lactation month baby 1 times about 100-120ml, the bottle needs at least 120ml capacity. The amount of breast-feeding. With more than one month baby 1 times should be 120-200ml, one day should be controlled at about 800-1000ml. * more than two months of the baby for bought a bottle of 240ml. The number of purchase. The bottle: a month before the baby feeding a day 6-8 times, at 2-6 months a day to feed 6 times, then reduced to 5 times, the number of turnover bottle tube enough on the line in October [1-2 extra emergency bacteria said it is necessary to prepare the bottle] 5 the right nipple: (1) tangled material: rubber nipple elastic texture, approximate the mother’s nipple. Silicone nipple no rubber smell, easy to accept the baby, and not easy to aging, heat resistance, corrosion resistance. (2) details: pass different uses different nipple hole trumpet (s): suitable for still can not control the amount of milk for newborns. Circular medium (m): suitable for 2-3 months, s baby sucking too long. The hole size (L): suitable for the above two kinds of nipple feeding time is too long, but the volume, weight of the baby. Suitable for more than 3 months of the child, the child sucking force according to the regulation of milk production, the larger flow; suitable for drink juice, Rice noodles or other coarse drinks, can also be used to suck. Y font hole: suitable for more than 3 months of children, milk flow is relatively stable, and Y word hole is not so easy to break. October [select the best bacteria said bottle to the regular store] 6 other notes: the number of months a smaller baby should choose smaller hole, if the milk hole is too large, may cause the child choking, the number of months old child sucking ability has been enhanced, you can choose some of the big bottle hole. In October, the bacteria said that the mother is not used on the bottle? ] a misunderstanding: the baby was born with a bottle baby will easily confuse the nipple and nipple, wait for the mother to go to work to learn, not!相关的主题文章: