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With Merrill fever medicine immediately sent to hospital or, the baby have a fever? Sohu mother as a new mother in the care of the baby, we are always cautious, afraid of in your mouth is broken, holding in the hands of fear fell, powdered milk will be tried several times to several times the night temperature, and confirm whether the baby to sleep, afraid of the baby hungry freeze, but even so, careless, son have a fever. I have a fever after the son, undecided, is sent to the hospital immediately? Or fever medicine at home in a remote doctor friend Merrill Lynch? Under the command, my son used to Merrill antipyretics, at home fortunately, son quickly fever. Taking 3 times Merrill Ibuprofen Suspension Drops, son of the body temperature returned to normal, I am also relieved. The baby have a fever is often sudden, a lot of my mother would like I hesitated between hospital and medication, after having the experience that is hesitant to delay the child’s illness, fever in domestic anti fever medicine can be effective at. 1 hospital? Careful cross infection in the hospital, registration, waiting, treatment, up and down the stairs, mothers with a fever baby shuttling between the various patient. The hospital is a variety of bacteria and virus concentration camp, especially to the autumn of this flu season, the hospital patients with increased influenza, immunocompromised babies are prone to cross infection, increase fever symptoms. This is the main reason why I want to send my son to the hospital. Baby fever is a normal immune response in vivo, can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, reduce the damage to the human body, mothers do not have to worry too much, to remain calm. In the baby fever should try to let him rest, drink plenty of warm water, to maintain indoor ventilation and environmental comfort, in the diet, rich in nutrition, light food, and with some fresh fruit. If the baby temperature above 38.5 degrees Celsius, consider the use of Merrill fever medicine. 2 Merrill fever medicine rapid fever are gimmicks Motrin is specially developed for children antipyretic, anti fever medicine has been the mother Merrill affirmation. Merrill’s good effect, because Merrill has three magic fever medicine. The first is the magic of ibuprofen active ingredient Merrill antipyretic ibuprofen, good effect, less adverse reactions in the clinical application is safe and effective antipyretic, rapid onset, antipyretic effect is lasting. Is the second magic particles fever antipyretics, Merrill Lynch uses a unique pyretolysis particle technology, reach micron level in the process of fast, dispersed in the human body, help the baby rapid absorption, generally 30 minutes of rapid onset, antipyretic effect can last 6-8 hours. Third magic is the antipyretic made suspension, oranges taste good, the baby easy to swallow, but also to avoid the baby intramuscular injection pain, children are more likely to cooperate with treatment. 3 standing Merrill fever medicine antipyretic Merrill is safe and effective, the mother at home can help the baby fever quickly. But if the baby has a fever symptoms, only to go to the pharmacy to buy Merrill Lynch, it is not a qualified mother. Good mothers at home prepared with Merrill antipyretics, if necessary, timely Motrin help baby fever. .相关的主题文章: