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With Surface Studio, Microsoft put together a challenge last piece of the puzzle – Sohu of Mac science and Technology Park geeks micro signal: geekpark Surface since Microsoft released the first Surface products in 2012, Surface four years like the past is a history of famous athletes. From Surface RT to Surface Pro, No one shows any interest in, Surface Pro 2 power savings, and then to Surface Pro 3 "a ball of fame", to Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book generation, Surface PC has been to the high-end industry market over the years of "King" Mac a high capacity. For Microsoft, Surface has grown from a "bottomless pit" burn for each quarter is one of the important business of Microsoft with $1 billion in revenue stability. The once sleepy boring of the PC industry, Surface is one of the "great leap forward" and the upgrading of product form exploration, make the "sunset industry" to many people’s horizons. Interestingly, they held the most important four years since the first day of a new Mac conference at Apple, Microsoft Surface held a new conference, this time, Microsoft focuses on one machine, a high-end market is almost a monopoly in the field of iMac. Studio Surface: a comprehensive beyond 5K iMac in terms of hardware, the focus of this conference is no doubt that Surface Studio. For this product, we can simply split it into three parts: an integrated core hardware base, a high resolution 28 inch touch screen and hinge support. Base: Mac mini size, performance is different from the first to say that the Studio part of the base. According to Microsoft official data, length and width of Studio base high were 25, 22, 3.2 cm long, in contrast, wide Mac high Mini were 19.7, 19.7, 3.6 cm from the exterior, the base Surface Studio than Mac Mini is longer and wider, but the height slightly narrower. However, in terms of performance, Studio and Mac Mini can not be a grade. Microsoft did not identify the specific CPU models used in the Studio, only mentioned the sixth generation quad core i5 or i7 processor. In the Intel sixth generation Skylake processor, only the standard voltage version of the mobile and desktop processor is the core of the, taking into account the thickness of the Studio base part, and Studi相关的主题文章: