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With the power to tell you to book the xenon lamp! People.com.cn — car — people.com.cn original title: the exhaustion of the force, tell you to xenon cheats! Have you had enough wax (brine) candle (Su) lamp, and don’t know how to change? So this 7000 word practical Raiders, worth reading. Seen written on the front in an article on "how to fix a burning oil Audi? "In the article, by hybrid trapped God car owners have to praise the amazing ability, there are also many suffering from candle light bitter readers to ask, how should we scientifically change xenon lamp? It is time to release the following author @abrams2415 masterpiece, this is a textbook style change lamp cheats, the length to 7 text words, become an important reference worth you light. As for how to buy scrap pieces mentioned by the author, in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, is not released, please readers understanding. Before seen this article review 1 lights, you must know whether these characteristics characteristics of 2 halogen lamp 3 xenon headlamps 3.1 color temperature of 3.2 lens 3.3 tangent 3.4 xenon lamp 4.LED headlamps headlamps 6 reliable cost-effective 5 scrap scrap headlights recommended 7 people to work 1 lights display lights seen before, these problems you must ask: modified xenon headlamps to inspection? Answer: can pass the annual inspection. Some say not inspection, it is because there is no direct lens, bare ground xenon bulbs or LED light bulbs, more than 6000K color light bulb also cannot pass inspection. In this paper, "xenon headlamps" refers to the installation of the lens, we should strongly despise the lens does not act. Q: can you pass the annual inspection? Are there any relevant laws and regulations? Answer: vehicle inspection is mainly based on the national standard of People’s Republic of China GB7258-2012 vehicle driving safety "technical conditions", the main content is the annual appearance, exhaust, and brake lights (including most of the four axle load). The appearance is generally a walk through. The rest are computer data. In the inspection of the lighting requirements are as follows in the "safety technical conditions" in the eighth chapter of fifth vehicles operation: standard of the headlamp near light should not be made dazzling, the implication is that as long as the bare ground xenon lamp or LED headlight lenses are not as unqualified! In addition to technical conditions in the light of the car forced only "headlamp high beam intensity minimum requirements that reached 18000, 15000 in the car (in Candela), in other words, the annual detection of light intensity, there is no upper limit to the national laws and regulations, only the lower limit, beam over 1450 lumens no problem. The xenon headlamps 3200 lumens natural be nothing difficult. I also found a newspaper, about whether the inspection of xenon headlamps: where are summarized as follows: the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade vehicle traffic police reply, strictly speaking, equipped with xenon headlights for)相关的主题文章: