With the solar cell board photo bag trip no longer worry about charging freelander2

With the solar cell board of the photographic bag trip no longer worry about charging for the long distance travel is not looking for a place to charge and worry? Below this product may be able to help you solve this problem. Recently, Voltaic company website Kickstarter to raise in the launch of the two innovative photography backpack, Array feature and Offgrid bag is installed in the backpack outside has a solar panel, and a built-in removable battery. Two products in the Offgrid shoulder bag of smaller size, which is equipped with 6W solar panels and 4000mAh batteries; and Array shoulder bag with 10W solar panels and 19800mAh batteries. The backpack through the solar battery can and wall plug two way for charging, but the wall plug is still the more efficient way of charging for comparison, Array battery through solar fully charged 12 hours, charging through the wall plug is only 4 hours can be filled with. Of course, in addition to the natural power generation equipment and batteries, Voltaic two backpack and general photography package is, they also have a camera and lens for loading space, and can carry three tripod and notebook computer equipment etc.. In addition, two backpack also uses a waterproof material to create. At present, Voltaic is for the mass production of new products and raise more funds, the Offgrid shoulder bag early bird sale price of $119 (about 803 yuan), Array bag sale price of $219 (about 1479 yuan). The product is expected to be shipped in March 2017.相关的主题文章: