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The woman was mistaken for his former girlfriend harassed nearly a year. Police said the September 22nd day, the micro light, Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) transfixed to the window, the night she had nightmares, dreaming of the total to track her strange man pinched her neck, his dream and went back to school to intercept son dreamed he dragged her to get married…… The dream scenario, all occurred in the jade body for nearly a year. Even in the night before, she also received a threatening phone call from the other side, said she would not move to live in the past and they will be a knife…… She again went to the police station. Xiaoyu said, she was tortured by the spirit of fast arrhythmia…… All these are due to suspected mental illness for his ex girlfriend is the man. Endless harassing people stand it > > the first case was mistaken for a strong pull kissing 30 years old jade in the Electronic City District, she and her husband is fellow husband and sister’s classmate, know each other very well to get married early, children early, now she already has a the 9 year old son. But in the last year, a strange man seriously interfered with her life. Xiaoyu said, do not remember the man to track how many times, but there are several special deep impression. For example, the first is about the last autumn and winter, "at that time is in the morning, I took the children to the district road parking lot, ready to send the baby to go to school, suddenly came a man, tall and skinny, shouting the name of others to me. I say you are mistaken, but he is still strong pull me to kiss me……" Xiaoyu said, he was frightened, and his son was still spooked. She hastened to help the security guards in the parking lot, security guards and nearby passers-by in a man. "I think this is the wrong person at the time, no matter when." Xiaoyu said. But she did not expect that this is the beginning of the nightmare. Go to school after the child is tracked since that time was mistaken, after a few days, in a way to pick up his son from school, jade accidentally discovered last the man you have to admit in their own back, startled. I hurried to go to some shops, I did not expect him to follow, always followed me to school. Sometimes I look back at him, he also rushed me laugh……" Xiaoyu said, he rushed to the police. Electronic City police station out of the police. Police asked us, he found that his girlfriend said Wang Moumou is not me. Police then called his family, the man also wrote a letter of guarantee, no longer look for me." Xiaoyu said. Shouted a woman name a few days later in the morning in the cell downstairs, men become aggravated harassment. "In the morning, all the people in the community can hear him shouting downstairs, you said he could find us downstairs, that is not tracking me?" Xiaoyu said, the man was still shouting his surname Wang, "he later changed, shouting my name, I also wonder how does he know my name? Later, I thought, in the police station, the police told him that I was not Wang Moumou, and said my name. He might remember it." The husband Mr. Zheng Xiaoyu downstairs to stop, the other side also shouted, Mr. Zheng angry hands, and report to the police. In this regard, the community security master Huang fresh. He said that was thought to be the owner of the floor plan相关的主题文章: