Women spend their lives in the lottery to save her husband was angry with her IQ test (video)-jslottery

The women’s family spent their savings to buy lottery tickets to pull her husband in such a dream of IQ testing award believe that many people have done some occasionally spend 2 dollars to buy that luck, while others put the lottery as a career, a probability sum value, a lot of money to buy lottery tickets. No matter what kind of small can be seen below the lady to buy lottery tickets, buy dumbfounding, angry her husband took her to go to the non IQ test. The woman obsessed with the lottery, her husband suspected his IQ test do you say are married ten years old wife, to buy a lottery ticket suspected his wife IQ, is not an exaggeration? Speaking of this, Mr. Ren was maddoes not hit home, this is not wealthy, but his wife to buy lottery tickets, carrying his home only 30 thousand dollars spent it all, now even the children go to school, home also has become a problem. You also say, Ms. Liu won the first prize, 1000 dollars, she wanted to stop, listen to the boss said it should continue to buy the good luck there may be in 1 million. Such a get out of hand, Mr. Ren that does not persuade the strong demand for the wife of mental test. Did not expect the results…… national level Counselor: Peng Yi came through the intelligence test we see, Ms. Liu from the score (65 points) speaking, although she does not belong to our clinical speaking retarded the situation, but did she leave us basically standard 80 points to 110 points, or a distance. That is, we usually say that she is not very smart. Xiaobian think, buy lottery addiction has little relationship with IQ, mainly psychological flourishes do worship.相关的主题文章: