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World of Warcraft holiday: once again return time roaming – game original title: World of Warcraft holiday time roaming roaming time once again return back, additional weekly tasks and prizes waiting for you! This week, on any day of the week, open the team Finder (the default shortcut key: I), select the dungeon finder, and select the time menu in the type drop-down menu. Click on the "looking for group", and other game player, you will be together in a Heroic dungeon to the following: the role and equipment will nullmagic prison black bog mage platform mana tomb shattered halls your slave pens in proportion to the corresponding compression level, in the face of low level challenge. But the leader will still be able to provide the loot according to your role. There is also a chance to drop a hero’s copy of the dungeon in the dungeon of time, and it can enhance the reputation of the camp. For example, in the time of the slave fence roaming, you can get the reputation of the Senario expedition, worship can also be purchased after the gorgeous angle of War Eagle beast of Senario. In the next week: the mage of Dalaran violet prison Maier will give you a task demand: the completion of 5 time roaming underground city. Bonus: a broken fate imprint, a booty box, which includes a piece of ordinary difficulty emerald nightmare drop equipment. What is a holiday activity holiday activities will be in accordance with the timetable for different acts of the game. According to the current plan, the holiday will start from Thursday every week. Each holiday will provide a passive bonus to a game’s behavior, and provide a one-time task, after the completion of the corresponding goals can be considerable reward. You can view the calendar in the game and learn about the upcoming event schedule. Adventure Guides will also provide the most direct route to holiday activities, so that you can easily receive the appropriate tasks. (commissioning editor Dong Sirui and Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: