Wuhan to Harbin, the sleeper train will run 13 hours and 7 minutes (video)-ppbox

Wuhan to Harbin will train sleeper cars throughout the 13 hours and 7 minutes for alpine EMU sleeper car unveiled yesterday (source network) Chinese first anti Alpine EMU sleeper unveiled yesterday. Railway sector said that this train will run to Wuhan, Shenzhen, Harbin direction, there are friends in Wuhan said, looking forward to sleeping on the train to Harbin! The reporter understands, this CRH5E EMU has "a horizontal conversion function can be realized at night, daytime sleeper car two operating modes. In order to allow passengers to enjoy a quiet sleep environment, the strict control of vehicle interior noise by means of sound absorption, sound insulation, damping, damping and sealing technology of five. The car is also provided with a Wi-Fi and a plurality of power sockets. Reporters saw from the user message, we are most concerned about how much money a ticket". According to wutie introduces, at present Wuhan to Harbin G1278, 8:56 in the morning the night 10:03 arrived in Harbin, the entire 13 hours 7 minutes, a 1584.5 yuan, two seat 1012.5 yuan, and weekdays from Wuhan to Harbin ticket discount, but expect the sleeper train fares will be higher than the current high-speed rail two seat fare. (reporter Hu Yongmou) train travel ushered in the "sleeper" era of domestic first EMU sleeper in Changchun came from sitting to lying on how to achieve?相关的主题文章: