Wuhan to stop gas today more than 9.5 hours of regional water and electricity tomorrow (video) kaya scodelario

Wuhan to stop gas today more than 9.5 hours on the 22 day regional water and electricity maintenance outage tomorrow: as early as 8:00 to 5:00 pm, the bridge line (82, 96, 92 Security Street, 86, 68, 102, and community service station, wide embankment, No. 50, building 23 Water Street); 8:00 to 6:00 the store, South (Lake heights, Bay County opening and closing of the 02 interval, Optics Valley Po industry Lido three), Gan Hua line (Foxconn, special distribution center apartment room); early 8:30 to 5:00 pm, bgsd back (Health real estate, housing project development company specially prepared); early to 9:00 p.m. 5:00, the city line (Cao Qingling city garden two, southern metropolis, He Jingyuan), Ling Jing Teng body line (Hotel, building materials and Design Institute, China International Engineering, building materials product quality supervision station, modern security technology, engineering supervision, yaojialing era apartment, Hongling District, seamounts Home), line (lake high school, unity reserve dormitory, unity Road, new Yangtze River home, Han Fei issued by the company, Peng Ling Yuan Xiao Qu, telecommunications, steel wire (dormitory) more than Yu Jiatou small, peaceful Middle School, Hong Qi garden, city house, built in three innings, the liberation of the bridge equipment and materials company) line (Fuxing Road Primary School campus security, security Street 150, 152, 127 street, 158, 131, 156, 125, 144), Dongxing state line. Hankou two road around Gutian to stop gas 9.5 hours yesterday from Wuhan city gas company was informed that this evening to tomorrow morning 10:00 7:30, due to the construction of gas, Hankou two Gutian road surrounding gas factory dormitory, Zirun Mingyuan, South Zirun Mingyuan District, North District of Wahson Plaza will suspend the supply of natural gas. Natural gas company to remind: please arrange the daily life of the above regional customers, to restore the gas before you do not open the gas appliance, turn off the gas valve, to maintain indoor ventilation. (reporter Tan Delei correspondent Su Shouming) the evening of 22 10:00 water supply information to the 23 day as early as 6:00, for municipal construction, construction of water supply pipeline, Hankou liberation road embankment corner to chenjiaji along the water. On the evening of 22 10:00 to 23 11:00 in the morning, because the municipal construction, construction of water supply pipeline, Hankou Changfeng Avenue Gutian two road to Gutian Road four North Road two, Gutian Changfeng Road to Sanhuan along the line of water or the water pressure drop. On the evening of 22 9:00 to 23 as early as 8:00, for municipal construction, construction of water supply pipeline, Wuchang Xiongchu Avenue Gui Yuan Lu to Luoshi road to the North (including Gui Yuan Lu, Luo Gui Road); Wu Luo Luoshi road to Zhuodaoquan south; Luoshi road to Xiongchu Avenue Wuluo road along the water pressure drop or anhydrous. (correspondent Xu Jun): News Photos: Wuhan actress Candy avatar figure playing female exotic Daye men with jade was doing "dish" 10 years "cooking" stone feast Dongfeng Avenue viaduct across the board through the town to shorten the time of nearly 1 hours (Figure) Chinese day: 16 year old girl weighing 330 pounds has never worn underwear of cold air from north to south across the Hubei tonight or low temperature dropped to 17 DEG C and eight year old district water blackout hiked 20相关的主题文章: