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Xi Jinping most worried about a group of people – Sohu news early in the Northern Shaanxi Liang Jia river when the youth, Xi Jinping slept, carrying food, Tukang built biogas digesters…… The life in poor areas left a memory The imprint is engraved on my heart. to Xi Jinping, Xi Jinping also aroused strong feelings of poverty alleviation. 40 years, Xi Jinping has never stopped the pace of poverty. Since the party’s eighteen years, Xi Jinping, general secretary of more than 30 visits to all parts of the country, more than half of the issues involved in poverty alleviation and development. The general secretary of the scorching sun, braved the snow around the Chinese tramp over mountains and through ravines people, most in poor areas, and the villagers being long, at the same time, do not forget to give "out of poverty". At present, there are still about 50000000 poor population in China, 128 thousand poor villages, 832 key counties for national poverty alleviation and development work concentrated in poor areas contiguous counties. Poverty alleviation work has always been the heart of the general secretary". Party network micro platform with you to understand the past few years, the general secretary of the part of the poor footprint. December 2012 Hebei: no poor areas there is no comprehensive well-off, Xi Jinping built a well-off society located in the mountains came to the town of Longquanguan camel Bay Village, to the difficulties of the masses of the Tang Rongbin home to see Xi Jinping into the camel Bay Village poor people Tang Zongxiu Longquanguan Zhen (right) [] home condolences to visit the poverty diary on December 29, 2012 to 30, Xi Jinping came to Hebei Province in Fuping County visit condolences needy people, the poverty alleviation work study. Xi Jinping proposed that the building of a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, the most arduous and onerous task in rural areas, especially in poor areas. There is no well-off society in rural areas, especially in poor areas. He encouraged the cadres and the masses "as long as there is confidence, loess into gold", he also proposed the 4 principles of poverty alleviation and development: local conditions, scientific planning and guidance, in the light of its general trend. Gansu, February 2013: identify ways of development and hard work of Xi Jinping in the county of Dongxiang Weiyuan County farm condolences Xi Jinping came to Tian Dingxi City Xiang Gu Dui village to see the difficulties of the masses, and the eight year old Ma Gang members understand cordial conversation, production and living conditions of poverty alleviation [] diary on February 2, 2013 to 5, Xi Jinping came to Gansu Jiuquan, Dingxi, Linxia and other places. Visit condolences to the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups. Dingxi, Linxia and other places there is the ancient "bitter barren armor in the world", is still destitute areas. He stressed that the party and the government attaches great importance to poverty alleviation and development work, especially attaches great importance to the development in minority areas, the villagers will give more support and help the villagers to carry forward the spirit of self-reliance, identify ways of development, hard work, to change the face of poverty. Hunan: November 2013 to be precise poverty, avoid shouting slogans in Xi Jinping row Bi Xiang Dong Village eighteen Village Cadres and villagers on Xi Jinping came to Huayuan County, eighteen poor households Shi Qiwen Xiangxi Dong Cun, Huayuan County, a careful understanding of the production and living conditions of poverty alleviation [diary] from November 3, 2013 to 5, Xi Jinping came to Hunan, Xiangxi and other places to visit Changsha. Wuling mountain area is our country one of the poverty-stricken areas. In Xiangxi, Xi Jinping said, the development is to get rid of相关的主题文章: