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Xia Meng, the legendary film star who died in the early hours of November 3rd, was the mistress of the dream of Jin Yong and a number of female protagonists in the early days of the show, and the host,, announced that micro-blog, a legendary film star, had died at the age of 83 and was accompanied by a picture of the world’s most famous actress. The movie magazine wrote: "Yang Meng," A Midsummer Night’s dream ", and because of the summer to join the Great Wall movies, they can realize their dreams, then the name of Xia Meng." The summer dream Mengxia 2014 photo resume review of Xia Meng, formerly known as Yang Meng, was born in Shanghai in a literary family, the parents love opera, nurtured in such a family. In 1947, Xia Meng moved to Hongkong with his family, attended Maryknoll female college, write a good hand and good, and parents also have the same drama, like the works of Shakespeare "Xia Meng" Shakespeare from the name of "A Midsummer Night’s dream. Xia Meng better known as an identity is Jin Yong’s "dream lover", 50s, Jin Yong in the first part of the "sword" martial arts arena heroes, Jin Yong joined the renowned the Great Wall film company, with the name of Lin Huan as screenwriter, as his eyes like beauty as beautiful woman "tailored history film" unequaled in beauty ". The martial arts master dream lover to the Great Wall pictures when a small screenwriter anecdotes, when Chinese literature circle known. There was speculation that the Jin Yong heroes under the pen of Huang Rong, Wang Yuyan, Helen of Troy, the prototype had Xia Meng partly hidden and partly visible shadow. Xia Meng in 1950 to enter the entertainment circle, starring film "marriage ban" emerge, 1953, costume film starring "Nie Hai Hua" exhibition Edinburgh International Film festival. 1966 starred in "winter jasmine flower" after the break, moved to canada. Founded in 1979, the Qingdao film company, served as director of the system, in 2015, Xia Meng won the eighteenth Shanghai International Film Festival Chinese Film Award for lifetime achievement. Personal life when Xia Meng was 22 years old and married to Lin Baocheng, Lin is a Saint John university graduate, engaged in business. Xia Meng came after immigrating to Canada, Lin Baocheng love movie drama, but also to the summer Mengxuan script and some help, Xia Meng in 1969 from Canada to Hong Kong, and engaged in garment factory and her husband. Jin Yong and Xia Meng相关的主题文章: