Xi’an street selling fake brand-name sports shoes were banned by the industrial and commercial admin 8l9840

Xi’an street selling counterfeit brand-name sports shoes are industrial and commercial city banned western network (Shaanxi radio and television "news" reporter Chen Yinan) yesterday (September 22nd) "first news" reported at the junction of five Wanda Plaza, the door selling suspected counterfeit sports shoes Xi’an city news, today, reporters once again came to the jurisdiction of the relevant departments of the problem the reflection. This morning, the reporter came to Xi’an city at the junction of five Wanda Plaza, saw two stalls selling fake brand-name sports shoes yesterday, today has disappeared. Around the merchant: "sell shoes all this morning." Reporter: "what time?" Businesses around: yesterday afternoon thing." Reporter: yesterday afternoon who checked it down?" Around the merchant: it is the city, it is not a few days check it." Subsequently, the reporter went to the Xi’an New District Law Enforcement Bureau West Street enforcement squadron, the law enforcement team said, yesterday afternoon, they found during inspections, the illegal stalls selling shoes, immediately be banned. They said that in the future they will severely punish Jeeves behavior, but whether these stalls selling fake products, they can not be identified, the behavior of selling counterfeit products they did not investigate the basis. Subsequently, the reporter came to the Xi’an new city Zhongshan Gate business, responsible person said, the business sector has dealt with the duties of counterfeiting and other illegal activities, they received complaints there yesterday’s work is not standardized. But the reporter to buy counterfeit brand-name sports shoes stalls because there is no fixed place of business, they are not the subject of law enforcement inspection, and so there is a certain degree of difficulty. The new city of Xi’an city Industrial and Commercial Bureau Zhongshan Gate industrial and commercial director Cui Huili: "early in the morning to work, we will go to the Wanda Plaza, preparation and Law Enforcement Bureau of joint law enforcement, but they did not go after Chutan, but this thing, we will always keep track of the things Industrial and Commercial Bureau. If it is the entity shop, certainly it is our duty, if it is Jeeves, received complaints from consumers, we will first out of the scene, and then contact the law enforcement bureau, a joint law enforcement, to outlaw it."相关的主题文章: