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Xinhua news agency, the local government budget: the sun group is not or do not want to Xinhua news agency, Taiyuan September 10th new media news (reporter Lv Mengqi Liu Huaipi) according to the public budget at various levels are prescribed in the law. However, in the implementation, some local governments and departments are not self willed". The Ministry of Finance issued prior to the date of notification, as of October 31, 2015, there are 36638 units of public sector budget in 2015, 56481 units of public accounts department in 2014, accounted for 14.48% and 22.27%. For such illegal acts, we must resolutely pursue responsibility according to law. Governments at all levels and departments, to understand the "bill" sun, let people see the government how to spend taxpayer money to improve the budget system, is the foundation of national governance systems and governance capacity modernization and the important symbol, but also conducive to the power system into the cage. In the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the party explicitly requested the implementation of a comprehensive standard, open and transparent budget system; from January 1, 2015 onwards, the implementation of the newly revised budget law. These measures not only promote the improvement of the system of budget disclosure in our country, but also enhance the transparency of the government, which has been widely recognized by the society. However, the Ministry of Finance informed that, although the law clearly, but some local governments and departments still do not perform. Either to find reasons not to open, or open content is not complete, not detailed, or open content to avoid the concerns of the masses. This is not only contrary to the spirit of the government administration according to law, it is illegal in a flagrant way. Not in the budget, is not a matter of no importance, but no more than "". "The People’s Republic of China budget law (2014)" stipulated in article ninety-second, "not according to the provisions of this Law on the relevant matters of public budget and instructions, shall be ordered to correct the administrative responsibility for the directly responsible personnel in charge and other directly responsible personnel. Not only to the Ministry of Finance informed the responsibility of the employer involved shall be held responsible, government officials at all levels should resolutely Study hard law, administrative law, government and relevant departments to ensure a comprehensive specification, open and transparent budget. Public budgets related democracy and legal system of our country, is also the starting point to promote public affairs, government affairs. All localities and departments should be open to the final accounts of the work as an opportunity to study and solve the problems in the public accounts of the final accounts, and constantly improve the open mechanism, expand the scope of the public, to refine the content of the public. Only in this way can we effectively protect the people’s right to know, participate and supervise the budget, and to promote the legalization, democratization and scientization of budget management.相关的主题文章: