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Yang Mi Liyan Tong group soldier skin white beauty movement are female man lead: season second "real man" has been recorded, this season show not only tough male soldiers, but also increased the female part, Yang Mi, Liyan Tong, Shen Mengchen, the actress who usually looked weak, this time as a "Chinese woman", come together to look at them in addition to what trick skin white beauty! (source: Wyatt network) "real man" in the second quarter has begun recording, which is particularly attractive to attract a lot of female stars. We first look at the skin white beautiful female star in addition to cut men what tricks! Zhang Lanxin to play for, besides the tall white skin, there is a woman man’s heart, fitness play well. The sweat is probably a lot of Wuda Star daily, but to say that such a star, it is not easy. Look at flexibility, envy and you have to learn from her oh! Zhang Lanxin micro-blog said "folding and posing first practice to masochistic physique children, it seems to be a" female man "is really not easy. The program can be no longer the sinking of the weak woman, and "join the army" before the long white skin, do not know what will be like after the war? First look at the daily life of Shen Mengchen, let alone the wall splits leg Dong handsome! Shen Mengchen also loves outdoor sports, cycling is one of them. Cycling can not only exercise but also enjoy the scenery along the way, is a good way to exercise. Shen Mengchen also has a passion for skateboarding, although it is a very easy to hurt the movement, but she did not give up. This is the real "manlywoman" yesterday was just the large power power exposed to send a small glutinous rice to go to school, it is pretty fight! After recording back to bring the child, it can be considered a female man, the necessary skills. In the usual variety show, Yang Mi is desperate to play the game, so now, the large power power in addition to the skin white and there are so many beautiful places! She is good at sports, kicking the shuttlecock certainly not falling. From childhood to lay a good foundation, can grow up into physical fitness skills! Yaya Liyan Tong should be considered in the "real man" which had enough of the female man dreams. Just when her mother, in the end how to behave? This is the "crossover singer" final backstage, sunglasses of the Ya Ya is not looking at the handsome! Big mouth to eat the meat of Liyan Tong is also in line with the taste and temperament of her Xinjiang people. The female man is so tempered!相关的主题文章: