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Yang Yang VS Tang Yan   ten campus CP which is best for? Shandong Channel – people.com.cn in recent years, with 80, 90 after generation of farewell campus into the society, TV drama market emerged many memorable moments of love beautiful campus, to recall the youth as the theme of the TV drama works by the audience favorite. Or they have changed since the best-selling novel, or classic TV drama again remake fresh " dazzling screen campus lovers; " full of envy. Today Xiaobian for everyone to take a look at the past few years, the campus is the most beautiful CP…… "Big fight", Chen Douling Zhang Yixing proposed Chinese version "proposal on combat" in Shanghai before the low-key boot, actress Zhang Yixing Chen Douling first appeared in the same box. "Adorable little sheep" collocation "pure small ears" which is a combination of both fresh and strange smells familiar feeling, two people inexperienced with pure clever temperament, once appeared like a fresh wind blowing campus light. Two people of the same boot with clever hand swing photos, fresh style is really adorable tacit and seductive, believe this fresh campus CP, can bring the chemical reaction is very fresh and not artificial to the audience, very looking forward to. "Smile, Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang" very little "why" as adapted from the novel "Gu diffuse slightly", although it is a theme online games coat, is substantially a campus idol. Yang Yang Almighty God "with Zheng Shuang’s" Curve Wrecker campus Belle ", a word not just candy, just do not give a single dog any way out. If this story is too many dreams, please sisters a lot of cool, you know in real life, we can not casually know us in the game! The film was completed by Jing Bairan, Angelababy. ) "energy-saving" Zhong Hanliang, adapted from Tang Yan’s novel of the same name "Gu diffuse energy-saving", has caused much controversy and discussion (the film version by Huang Xiaoming, Yang Mi portrait of interpretation. ). Zhong Hanliang’s overbearing president "feeling deep roots, ten years is still on the first" silly white sweet "Tang Yan. Some people have been moved to splinters, have lamented why his youth did not meet a soulful He Yichen, but some people think Tang Yan’s silly white sweet a bit powerless, will only bring the CP settings are not persuasive. "When we just Zheng Kai, Liu Shishi youth" Zheng Kai and Liu Shishi "in the year of youth" in the US just appeared in a "small rascal" chase "combination of girl", which is also a common set of idol drama, shot well as "fish" as a classic. Unfortunately, this drama’s reputation is not satisfactory, Zheng Kai Liu Shishi from first to last not produce due sparks and CP, the body of the campus atmosphere is not strong, as high school students by the audience Tucao is expected from zhuangnen. "The best" Liu Haoran Tan Songyun ", we are our best" is a campus drama broadcast this year from a high degree of. Starring Liu Haoran Tan Songyun although in popularity than those popular niche artistes, but wins in the young, in the students who don’t)相关的主题文章: