Yang Zhen Italy France Germany win lottery Nandi Wendan reshacker

Yang Zhen: Italy France Germany wins the lottery Nandi Wendan Yang Zhen Jie, lottery recommended 1 grams of VS        , Asian American;; promotion: 3 at the tournament in Czech, which is Czech Boleslav, in the European Cup after the group phase frustrated in the first game. In the European Cup, Czech 1 flat and negative out of the game, especially in the last game against Turkey to play a disappointing, so the replacement of the coach of the Czech, and therefore the 2. The Asian American, because there are some high level players mkhitaryan represented, repeatedly in recent years against teams upset, have a certain combat capability. Therefore, the Asian plate a ball low water, I still optimistic about winning Czech. 2, Turkey VS Russian       promotion: 13 the game in Turkey, both teams participated in the European Cup, also failed to qualify for the qualifying group stage. After the European Cup, Russia coach Sluckij resigned before Legia Warsaw coach Cherchesov took office, it is also the first game he led. Because I think Russia’s good coaching, a slightly higher heat. Disk flat half high water back plate deuce disc low water, the draw is preferred. 3, Germany   VS   China Finland; blue       promotion: 3 this game at the Monchengladbach home court, after the European Cup, Loew does not seem to want to stay in Germany, the reform of the national team make snap. Olympic Games, the impact on the national team is not too big. The disk two ball in the water, two times against Germany before Finland match, let the ball and the Lord – compensate can’t see the problem, can be found. 4, Dutch   LAN VS Greek; La       promotion: Holland, because the 31 did not enter the European Cup finals, in fact, has been in the European Cup before the reform of the team. This game in Eindhoven home court. Of course, the Greek EU preliminary play is also very bad. The plate a ball low water, day found decreased significantly. Holland is short of good technical players to support the team, so I tend to make a draw. 5, Belgium VS Spain       promotion: 13 the game in Brussels, Belgium in the European Cup, coach Will Motz after class, please before the Belgian FA Everton boss Martinez took over. At the same time, Henry also became the Belgian national team assistant. Spain is not much action, but from the performance of the European Cup, Spain actually need a renewed reform. The disc deuce dish water, handicap Spain still hot, I am more optimistic about Belgium grab points. 6, Italy VS         promotion: 0 this game in Italy Barry, this is the first game after his coach ventolra. In contrast, Italy lack of talent, the European Cup相关的主题文章: