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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual your child for nothing, the problem must be in the family education. When a child grows up, it must be the root of parents. The success of the child or not, and parents are closely related to the child’s family education. We teach children to teach character and morality, whether the child’s character and moral education is the key to the success of a child’s life or not. As long as he is a respected figure, his life will be very smooth. Parents can think about it, you want to do is a popular person, or a person everywhere guard? Many parents are invisible to teach children to teach children to take advantage, appearing nervous in public, to teach children how to think way than others, trampled upon by others, the final result is that the children don’t know how to to survive in this world. What do you give your child, what kind of person is the future. My daughter is in the middle of her studies, but I never take it as a standard for my daughter to work hard. My wife and I are contrary to our educational philosophy. My wife is the daughter is not in the top 5 will get angry, and I just on the contrary, my daughter is fifteenth and I am very happy, I always said to her daughter: "you see in your class 40 classmates, you 15, and there are 25 individuals, you more powerful!" a lifetime from the child’s perspective, your child score is good or bad, or into the north into the ordinary university, there is no essential difference. The child can really pull a lifetime, and he is a man of character. Character set up from the example of the strength of parents as an example of the child can not escape. We ask the child’s things do not work, because parents do not do. For example, parents while playing mahjong, while scold a child to learn, children certainly do not want to learn. When the father said: "Lao Tzu nothing, you want to Lao Tzu worthless?" the child will think, you said nothing, that playing mahjong I think you are very happy, you don’t go to college but also very happy, why should I go to college? Parents are the best example. But I have a lot of problems in setting an example, my job is to use the computer, but I turn on the computer, my daughter would think I was doing something else. Although I told my daughter I was at work, my daughter didn’t believe it. No way, then as long as my daughter to learn, I will take a book next to my daughter to see, so that there is a sense of the rules in the inside, the example plays a very important role. My parents played a very important role to me. My parents are not literate, but the advantages of my parents around, become my life criteria. First, be brave. Parents in the city so that the child is the most important thing in the family education. A lot of people will say that our children are not even busy learning lessons, how hard and brave ah, I helped him finish the housework相关的主题文章: