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YY rabbit love dream books, student welfare – Sohu YY rabbit maternal love public line | Beijing had such a school, let all people be startled at! What are the elementary schools in Beijing? Clean plastic track, green football field? All kinds of facilities, laboratory and specimen room? Can the multimedia teaching, teachers do not have to write on the blackboard? In fact, in the city of Beijing in Chaoyang District, there is such a school – school is the cottage, because only one class per grade, also do not have the money to build high-rise buildings. On the other side of the playground is the bathroom – rather than a "toilet", it’s better to be called a "toilet."". Tables and chairs are to receive donations, with a strong 80s characteristics. The playground just filled with a large clearing device, with the sidewalk that cement brick. This is the red flag elementary school – migrant children school. However, in this school, there are more than 300 children, more than and 300 pure bright, hopeful smile. The morning of September 20th, "love YY rabbit dream books, student welfare" activities held in this school. Small Wei teacher and misty teacher brought fine picture books "to their independent development — YY rabbit tales for children". Look, how happy the children are to get the book! In the activity, the teacher brought Xiaoxia passionate speech, but also brings hope — the students hope that the students can form a good habit of reading, love reading, reading with a rich mind; at the same time, also look forward to "learn to control yourself — YY rabbit fairy tale" independent growth can bring comfort for the children heart, help children across the kindergarten together, form a good habit of learning, a good foundation for the future study life! In addition, small Wei teacher also brought a beautiful fairy tale ". In" — and lively and interesting finger exercises "spider climb" — the small Wei teacher’s story and the game, give the students the tension of life fun! Why is this YY rabbit teachers classmates brought the "learn to control Own — YY rabbit fairy tale "independent growth? There are currently more than 300 students in the primary school and the reason for the red flag — primary school, mostly children of migrant workers, with their parents around, between the flow in the region and even the city, halfway transfer is common. Children from different areas: Sichuan, Henan, Hebei, Jiangxi, Hubei, Guangdong, northeast, etc.. Their parents are poor, there are often two or three children at home, and sometimes eat a problem. Poor family, less parental care, frequent transfer, so many children have varying degrees of trauma! A grade 2 girl said: do not understand why you do something wrong, my mother scolded me, brother, do not scold mother brother, why not love me? Just a school with their parents to come the boys said: leave home, in Beijing there are no friends, he was very lonely. A first grade child said: Mom and dad went out to work, s相关的主题文章: