Zero failure! Murang melon Manchester City, led the league’s most popular clubs for the

Zero failure! Murang Manchester duo melon led the league’s most popular "wait for the Derby kuamut at Tencent sports news August 29th Premier League zhanba third, 3 winning teams only 3, in addition to London Chelsea (data), is the Manchester giants. Saturday’s last minute winner Hull City, Manchester City on Sunday (data) immediately to keep up with the rhythm of 3-1, Lectra West Ham, with 1 goal difference advantage against rivals, occupy the League at the top of the table. Wait until the international week back, the first derby duo will start this season, it will be the first round at kuamut ". 3 this summer coaching team, 3 matches with 9 points, can only rely on goal difference, scored the winner. Aside from Conti Chelsea no matter, Manchester clubs in the coach training under the hull, season unbeaten united fronts: after winning the community shield, followed by the League 3 straight start; the same city 3 league wins, with 2 games in the Champions League playoff victory. Look at the Premier League, two teams almost go hand in hand, not only the same points, goal difference is only 1, is equal. Data show that this is Manchester United or Manchester City second times in the same season also made 3 straight start, the first is the 2011-2012 season, remember the season ending? The two teams with points, Manchester City won only on goal difference advantage against Manchester united! If things follow the same script on this season, hutch competition will be very fierce. But after the beginning of the season test, the advantages and disadvantages of each exposed planes. Manchester United to establish confidence in Mourinho under Pogba and Ibrahimovic, etc. reinforcements to join, and in the current round of "Ferguson time" into the lore, boosting morale. But the Van Gaal era left the ills can clear red line is not a short duration of time, conceding only 1 goals is stable, but still need more offensive means, after all, can not always rely on Ibrahimovic to win and lore. Compared with Mourinho, Guardiola to Manchester city changes caused more experienced players, and tactical reform to adapt to the stage of understanding, now more and more skillful play, with increasingly understanding, the 3 round of the league has been attacking flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, 9 goals, 3 goals more than Manchester United, count the 2 Champions League playoff game 5 15 goals, averaging 3 goals! But the problem is the blue moon 3 round league ball game, defensive end problems, I do not know whether Bravo, Kompani comeback appearance has changed. The next two weeks belong to the national team’s time, until September 10th to continue the war in the Premier League, the first round of the season, the Manchester derby will start, Manchester United against Manchester city. Originally in the Beijing derby will be staged, but because of the reason as everyone knows was forced to cancel, or so, only after the start of the season, the two teams can really play a gun duel. This aspect lot: Mourinho VS Guardiola, Ibrahimovic VS Aguero (if not for elbowing opponents, Pogba suspended) VS de bruyne, Mata VS Silva, Charles Ma VS and so on, will Tuositelin nolly, fans offer an ultimate football feast. (read Chau)相关的主题文章: