Zhangzhou go by thief Knight incarnation wit tracking squat down to catch car thieves-ssdao

Zhangzhou go by thief Knight incarnation wit tracking squat down to catch car thieves – there are a takeaway brother’s help (left), the police quickly arrested 2 suspects on September 22nd at 12 o’clock, the electric car was stolen a drugstore near the entrance of Zhangzhou Xiangcheng District Danxia City, suspects is a pair of 20 year old couple, the owner it has the recovery time. However, a go by enthusiastic help, he put down his unfinished delivery orders, tracking a road car theft suspects escape route, to assist the 110 police promptly caught two theft suspects, recovered the stolen vehicle. Smart tracking car thieves arrested a squat "stop thief, thief ah, my electric car was stolen them!" September 22nd at 12 o’clock, a pharmacy in Danxia Road, a man and a woman two 20 year old young people pretending to be in the store to buy medicine, go out while the shopkeeper Ms. Yang does not pay attention, easily take her parked in front of the store an electric car. Such as Ms. Yang found and shouted when the thief, the man and the woman suspects had brought the car some distance from the drugstore. Then, after the nearby room take little brother Xu Yang heard cries out, driving his car chase out room. In order not to act rashly and alert the enemy, Xiao Xu followed two people watched the escape route, the suspects will be stolen vehicles hiding in the East Village of victory. Hiding stolen electric cars, the two suspects returned to the vicinity of Danxia Road, they do not know, his every move has been in the eyes of Xiao xu. Taking advantage of the opportunity to separate the two suspects, Xu will be the suspect control, and immediately alarm. Zhangzhou 110 police rushed to the control of the suspect zhuang. After investigation, the suspect zhuangmou and associates is her boyfriend, called Shen Mouhui, just steal the car may be hidden in the vicinity of his boyfriend Cai Shi lu. 110 police rushed to the scene and seized stolen electric cars, and soon arrested the suspect on the road Shen Mouhui. At present, the case has been handed over at the police station investigation, the two suspects have been taken criminal coercive measures. His mother had stolen the car "help Xiao Xu, create great convenience for our further investigation." Zhangzhou 110 police officer Zhao said. Yesterday, the Herald reporter also contacted the courageous little xu. "What I hate most is the thief who stole the car. I bought the electric car for my mother." After the Xu Xiang Herald reporter said earlier, he managed to save money for my mother bought an electric car, convenient mother go out, unexpectedly bought not long, this electric car was stolen, the mother and son Diuju let ordinary family feel deeply grieved. Xiao Xu said, watching the two suspects in the car to escape, let him think of his lost car experience, so desperate to catch the thief who stole the car. It is understood that the delivery work, calculate piecework wages, time to chase car theft suspects, Xiao Xu on hand there is actually a single did not send. But he didn’t want to choose to catch a thief, did not complete the single room, can only entrust my colleagues to help complete. "That, this one almost had delivery time." chart相关的主题文章: