Zheng Shuang thin thin big secret easily reduced into paper-diying

Zheng Shuang lost the easy to cut into pieces for people to lose weight is always the eternal topic of women, the stars are no exception, female stars is very seriously, so to lose weight, how can have impressive figure? That thin, have to say the female star inside the most representative Zheng Shuang Zheng Shuang, recently is a high exposure rate of the actress, played the network TV play easily breaking 100 million, micro-blog often occupy the center of the topic, today, we will give you a look at Zheng Shuang’s paper thin weight loss method. Zheng Shuang’s rapid weight-loss diet three principles of the week of the week 1, do not eat less, reduce calorie intake. 2, fasting will continue to pressure. 3, make defecation smooth. 5 a week to slim down slimming methods: porridge instead of Steamed Rice, heat half in this week, with porridge instead of Steamed Rice, is also a bowl of porridge component, heat is much lower than Steamed Rice, and rich in water so that you can fully obtain satiety control the prevention and improvement of appetite, excessive diet. In addition, can add kelp and other seaweed Sargassum, porridge ingredients, rich in dietary fiber, promote detoxification, while slowing the body’s fat, sugar absorption. Method two: eat salad add Vegetable & Fruit seaweed salad ingredients although rich in enzymes and dietary fiber, but if adding a lot of calories ingredients will be high, the best choice for general Vegetable & Fruit salad, while adding seaweed food, activation of intestinal motility, improve constipation, but also thin waist, eat at ease and health. Method three: eat warm food shortage of vegetable dishes when hungry, can do some warm vegetable dishes, cooking also, salt, pepper, vinegar and other seasonings, eliminate the sense of fasting, supplement of vitamins and minerals, at the same time, warm and can improve the The new supersedes the old. Method four: time to eat sweets, pumpkin and sweet potatoes instead of cake, chocolate, candy, although these sweet snacks can ease the mood, but sugar is very high, in the diet to control, try cooking some pumpkin and sweet potato dietary fiber can improve constipation, promote detoxification. Methods: five with carbonated water to drink carbonated water mixed with medicinal or edible soda, before meals or eat drink slowly, drink a cup of fasting, eliminate, prevent overeating, carbonate has certain effect on improving The new supersedes the old. It is said that weight loss diet Zheng Shuang a lot of weight loss, in order to eliminate their baby fat, after getting up every day, she will wash the face with cold water for 20-30 seconds, strengthen blood circulation. In order to speed up the facial fat metabolism, remove excess moisture in the face, she often drink some of the products containing caffeine, theophylline, grape seed. She said, this can not only eliminate edema, can tighten skin, skin sagging way chow. In particular, she reminds you of the beauty of MM, after 8 in the evening do not eat, do not drink water, do not stay up all night, to maintain a good lifestyle and habits. After getting up in the morning to try to drink plenty of water, dilute the body’s salt, promote drainage body, so that the face will not appear because of edema.相关的主题文章: