Zhu Ting sat high iron back home in Henan Province Sports Bureau official train station to greet-8l9840

Zhu Ting sat high iron back home in Henan Province Sports Bureau officials greeted Zhu Ting home on the train station a large bed Washington Zhu Ting back! At 7:26 yesterday evening, changqiangduanbao media targeting, China volleyball spikers and Olympic Games women’s volleyball MVP Zhu Ting out of the high-speed train, after a lapse of several days once again set foot on the land. At the end of the Olympic Games, Zhu Ting returned to Beijing after the Olympic Games immediately follow China elite delegation to visit Hongkong, Macao, from Macao in September 1st after Beijing, yesterday afternoon, Zhu Ting High Speed Rail ride from Beijing to return to Zhengzhou. For the Olympic Games made illustrious military exploits, as the new team leader of the Henan girl, the hometown people pay attention, also has been looking forward to her return as soon as possible. Yesterday evening, deputy director of the Provincial Sports Bureau Wang Peng, director of the Provincial Sports Management Center Li Jiyang, Chinese volleyball coach, Sports Center Deputy Director Xie Guochen and other leaders, came to the Zhengzhou station to meet Zhu Ting back. When wearing casual clothes Zhu ting in the station, surrounded quickly by the waiting press. Fortunately, Zhu Ting height 1 meters in 95 people are still the periphery of the press stand head and shoulders above others, do not delay taking pictures. But in the face of home media although fatigued by a long journey,, Zhu Ting is still smiling, after a simple expression of thanks to the people of his hometown, Zhu Ting hurriedly leave the car. Today, the Provincial Sports Bureau will Zhu Ting held a special press conference, please talk about her in Rio and drop their own future.相关的主题文章: